Fall Adventures: The Mountain Is Calling

October 15, 2018

We are now in the middle of the most picturesque season of all and we are exited to share with you an idea for a great day out that will not only satisfy your need for adrenaline but will also treat your soul with a doze of autumn beauty. Let’s get started! 


Triple adventure near Sofia


If you have read some of our older blog posts dedicated to the capital of Bulgaria and its perfect location for adventure lovers then you should know also about Vitosha Mountain. Only 30 minutes drive from the city there is an adventure heaven. Rock climbing, hiking, mountain biking, paragliding, skiing and ice climbing in the winter - there is something for everyone in Vitosha. For those who look for a thrilling and challenging day out we created our newest programme- an existing combination of paragliding, rock climbing and mountain biking with bits of hiking in between  that ends up with a well-deserved relaxation at Spark Sport & Social Club. Curious? Let’s have a look at the details! 


A morning to remember 

Vitosha Mountain offers one of the best views over the city of Sofia. Now, we are taking you directly to cloud nine with a paragliding ride. You don't need any preparation or experience. Our friends from SkyCamp will take care of everything. You just need to get up early, head to the mountain and take your enthusiasm and warm jacket with you. The rest is simply described as BEAUTY: the morning sun, softly touching the grass at the mountain ridge; the wind - dancing around, the leaves of the trees down below - shining in colors; the peace slowly embracing your soul... One moment you are standing at the edge of the mountain and in the other - you are up above it, flying like a bird. Take your time, enjoy - this is a morning to remember!