Hiking with Your Dog

August 31, 2018

Dogs like being out there as much as we do. Even the smallest and boutique dog breeds enjoy going out for a hike. Think about the happy moment when your pet is joyfully jumping around your day-pack literally bagging for new adventures. Don’t hesitate, take him/her with you. If you have never done it before and you are worried about the experience, check out the tips below. It will not go by a plan and that is perfectly O.K. Simply enjoy that day with your buddy.


Hiking is the perfect way to get active for both you and your dog. Doing it together also adds some protection on the trail. Wildlife often shies away from dogs and is more likely to leave you alone when you have your pet with you. He or she can also give early warning signs of impending (and unwanted) visitors. Furthermore, it is a really great bonding experience.


Hooked on the idea? Let’s get started. 



This applies both to you and your dog. Consider your and your four-legged friend’s physical condition and start taking long walks and some shorter but intense hikes prior to your trip. If your dog is a puppy, make sure he or she is socialized and feels comfortable with other dogs, people and new places. 


Tip: It’s always a good idea to take your dog to the vet prior to your hiking trip to check his/her condition. If you are an active person and plan to share your activities with your pet, make regular visits to your vet at the beginning of each season. 



This is mandatory for all kind of hiking trips. You s