July 3, 2018

In Go-Go- Adventures we do take the topic of the global worming seriously. It affects not only our professional field but our private life as well. Every 24 hours, 50 million plastic water bottles are used globally. It takes about 700 years per bottle to decompose and with that in mind the future for our oceans, lands, marine life doesn’t look pretty at all. 


We want to enjoy the beauty of this planet not to ruin it with every step we take. We want to take care of it and leave it in a better state than we found it. We are cautious about the way we travel - the transportation that we use, the places where we stay, the food that we eat. That's why, when it comes to tourism, in Go-Go- Adventures we think mainly locally. We are designing our adventures not only in a light way, but in a planet friendly manner as well because we want to make sure that our passion will not only takes us to fascinating places but will also help us preserve them.


If you feel that passionate about the future of all that beauty in the world and would enjoy adopting a green style of traveling, here's our short and easy to do list to start with.