Kids Camps

All kids are born wild and free and eager to explore. We admire their creative energy and natural instincts to adapt, to learn and progress. We do believe that kids need their time in the nature and we offer variety of activities to boost that adventurous spirit.

For detailed information, have a look at our adventure programmes for kids.

  • Вторник и четвъртък от 17:00 до 18:30
    "Bonsist" Sports Complex
    Вторник и четвъртък от 17:00 до 18:30
    "Bonsist" Sports Complex, 1700 Studentski grad, Sofia, Bulgaria
    Вторник и четвъртък в зала за катерене Гравити
Cabin Reading
Boy Scout
Kids Jumping into the Lake
Girls Camping
Running Children
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